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interdisciplinary teams

With more than 90 employees, including 75 experts and 100 skilled workers, Gillion Group is your ideal solution for the design, construction and marketing of new or renovated properties in various sectors (housing, commercial property, public facilities, services, etc.).


From structural works to finishing, Gillion Construction masters all trades and skills required for your new-build projects or successful renovations.

Executive Board
Project manager - Seniors and Deputies
Design office - Quotations department
Site manager
Prevention advice
After-sales service
Administrative, financial and HR department
Workers - workforce manager


Because every building requires its own solution, Gillion Development supports you in designing your project to optimally exploit its entire potential.


Asset Management

You can trust our discreet and experienced professionals to optimize the management of your real estate portfolio, with the key aim of achieving your goals with true peace of mind.

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