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New construction sites, new challenges ... The Gillion Construct teams work hard to deploy their technical know-how to construct high-quality new or renovated buildings that are delivered on time.

With its partners, Gillion Construct develops an approach based on direct on-site support. This solidarity makes the difference in the solutions implemented on site to ensure optimal finishing.

Construction references





Construction of a mixed-use building with a nursery school with a capacity of 36 children and four passive apartments

Rue de la Reine 178 à 182, 1000 Bruxelles

Equipement et logements

3.100.000 € Excl. VAT

Traits architects

Renovation of a municipal building for cultural infrastructure use to the “very low-energy” standard

Rue Leopold Deswaef 18, 1070 Anderlecht

Centre Culturel

1.000.000 € Excl. VAT

A Practice/Anorak sprl

Construction of 19 social apartments of 1,2, 3 and 4 bedrooms for De Ideale Woning


Logements sociaux

3 € Excl. VAT

Patsy Van De Kelft

Construction lycée

Durletstraat 8, 2018 Antwerpen


2.499.000 € Excl. VAT

AgwA Architecten

Development of a depot and activities zone for the municipal roads department: development of roads, storage boxes and construction of 2 sheds.

Chaussée de Wavre 1854, 1160 Auderghem


1.350.000 € Excl. VAT

Annalisa Callegher Architecte

Construction of 2 bus tankage and washing buildings for the NOH depot

Dépot Marly, Neder-Over-Heembeek


2.030.000 € Excl. VAT

DDS & PARTNERS Architects

construction appartements sociaux

Zandblok, 2960 Sint-Job

appartements sociaux

2.957.567 € Excl. VAT

Edwin Binnemans Architectenbureau

Demolition and reconstruction of the Les Oursons nursery school

Chaussée de Wavre 1181, 1160 Auderghem


1.305.000 € Excl. VAT

Atelier de l'Arbre d'Or

Construction of a medical building, an ONE consultation and two apartments

rue Destouvelles 35-37 et rue Gaucheret 197-199, 1030 Schaerbeek

Equipement logements

1.600.000 € Excl. VAT

Pierre Blondel architectes

Construction of a new community centre and redevelopment of part of the inside of a block into recreational and landscaped spaces

Rue Marconi 41, 1190 Forest


1.450.000 € Excl. VAT

AgwA scrl

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