• Type: Construction of tourist accommodation and amenities
  • Location: Brugelette, Domaine de Cambron
  • Architect: SL Architectes, Henri Garcia & Architectes de Pairi Daiza
  • Year: 2018-2019




The team
Marie Gobin Degraeve Works director
Nicolas Montoisy Project manager
Olivier de Hertogh Zone manager – Hotel
Thomas Laruelle Zone manager – Lodges
Angelo di Giacomo Executor of works – Hotel
Axel Charlier Executor of works – Lodges
Salvatore Sciabica Executor of works
Pairi Daiza Main architect office
Bureau Henri Garcia Architect office – Lodges
Bureau Pirnay Stability design office
Bureau Polytech Special techniques office
SL+ Architectes Architect office – Hotel
Quentin Boutefeu Logistics assistant
Quentin Bonnaerts Administrative assistant
Laurie Lardinois Administrative assistant
PS2 Health and safety coordinator

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