Building Spirit

For over a century, the Gillion Group has been building the future by translating multisectoral projects from concept to reality.
It's a builder by vocation, with constantly updated know-how, today naturally extended with development and property management skills. Each project is thus able to achieve its best potential by realizing its unique and bold vision..


Building, crafting, modeling... Construction is the trade that makes everything possible. With more than one hundred years of building inspiration, Gillion Construct deploys its skills and know-how to implement projects with guaranteed quality, sustainability and ultimately value.


Fulfilling a developer's ambitions, concretizing an architect's vision, coordinating the stages of construction and satisfying future buyers – these are tailor-made missions for Gillion Development, a true catalyst for your projects.

Asset management

Hire purchase, sale of assets, daily monitoring, real-estate asset management advice, anticipation of market developments... Gillion Asset Management ensures that portfolios entrusted to it bear fruit

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